Hardware and Network Support

One of the primary responsibilities of our IT Services is the routine maintenance, supply and installations of the IT Infrastructure itself – including Desktop PCs, Laptops, Servers and Networking equipment.

Issues can be reported to us by e-mail or telephone, with fast response times and problems fixed both remotely or via an on-site visit.

Pro-active Monitoring

We pro-actively monitor all essential IT Equipment remotely, to ensure issues are repaired before they impact on the business.
For example, we may detect that one of your servers is running low on system resources. Whilst users may not detect a problem, if this issue is not repaired, the server could restart automatically or shut-down – potentially impacting the entire business.
Pro-active monitoring also allows us to identify future improvements to the infrastructure as a whole. For example, we may notice that a cabinet of networking switches are, over a period of time, beginning to exhibit symptoms of over-loading. At this point, we would discuss a strategy for future investment to replace the switches – whilst keeping within agreed budgets.

Remote monitoring of IT Services
Computer health monitoring and checks

Monthly Health Report

In addition to pro-active monitoring, we also carry out routine monthly checks on your IT Infrastructure, with a e-mail report produced on the health of the network – including details of any security or manufacturer updates that have been applied. Keeping equipment up-to-date is crucial to preventing potentially costly data breaches – and is a key requirement of the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme.

Furthermore, the report details any outages over the previous month, including our response times and each issue was repaired. It also provides an opportunity to identify any future improvements for the network, particularly where such an improvement can reduce the risk of future downtime.

Our Services

Hardware Solutions

●   Routine Desktop and Laptop computer repairs, including arranging and managing manufacturer warranty repairs where required

●   Hardware installation, comprising provisioning replacement Desktop and Laptop computers, or the installation of new network equipment, including Switches, Routers, Printers and Document Scanners

●   Hardware Auditing, including maintaining a detailed hardware inventory, warranty agreements and details of suppliers

●   Aligned, but not constrained, to ITIL – ensuring that you receive IT Support that is deemed industry ‘best-practice’

Network Solutions

●   Server maintenance, including routine Active Directory management, alongside full control of DHCP, DNS, IIS and SCCM services

●   Routine security updates, through centrally managed solutions (WSUS) and fully monitored cloud-based Anti-Virus software

●   Networking fundamentals, covering both basic network environments through to advanced routers and switches requiring VLANs, Dynamic and Static Routing, Traffic Management and QOS.

●   Print management, including upkeep of wireless and networked printers, and controlling print usage by user, department or printer

However, the lists above are by no-means comprehensive, and we often deal with non-standard hardware that other IT Support businesses refuse to touch – including Arcade Games Machines, in-car technology (including vehicle tracking) and CCTV Solutions.