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With years of experience, Urban provide award-winning IT Support to businesses in Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and Leeds. Our focus on affordability and flexibility means we work with businesses of all sectors and sizes – from supporting new businesses and start-ups, through to large, multi-site organisations.

Additionally, our education options provide primary and secondary schools with the opportunity to benefit from industry-leading IT professionals at an affordable price.

We’re proud that some of the biggest technology providers trust and partner with us, including Sophos Security. This gives our customers access to the latest software, hardware and telecoms equipment at vastly reduced price-points. To support local businesses through the COVID pandemic, we’re offering 50% off IT Support for the first three months.

We’re trusted across Yorkshire

For most of our customers, we’re the ‘outsourced IT Department’ – and even if you’ve got an internal IT Team, we can work with them to plug any gaps or support them with project work. We’re proud that our customer retention rate is amongst the highest in the sector, with businesses, schools and charities from across West Yorkshire continuing to choose Urban every year. That said, we’re happy to put you in direct contact with some of our existing customers – so you’ll hear first hand exactly how we’re supporting businesses. 

Part of this trust comes from our strong ethical stance – we were one of the first companies in the UK to be accredited with the Fair Tax Mark – showing a commitment to transparent accounting and paying our fair share of taxes to support public services.

Our Tax Policy

Fully managed IT Solutions

Fair Tax Mark for IT Company

A Calderdale IT business has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark, a new system showing the public which companies are paying their fair share of tax. Founder Tom Stanley said: “The mark helps companies disclose accounts publically to keep vital public services running – and the issue is something the general public are very passionate on at the moment.”

Halifax Courier, January 2015
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We're Carbon Neutral

In addition to the Fair Tax Mark, Urban work with The Carbon Neutral Company to fully offset our Carbon Emmisions. Carbon offsetting is the process of purchasing ‘Carbon Credits’, which support projects that provide finance to renewable energy programmes, forest protection and reforestation programmes. Find out more about the programme at carbonneutral.com.

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