Cloud and E-Mail Solutions

One of the more recent developments within the IT Industry has been the development of ‘Cloud Computing’ – which is effectively software and documents that are stored (or ‘Hosted’) on servers away from the business. Although still early in development, cloud computing offers enhanced reliability and security, alongside the reduced risk that comes with automatic data backups.

Office 365 for Business

Provided by Microsoft, Office 365 is the complete cloud solution for businesses – providing online e-mail, communication and file sharing, alongside fully online-based versions of the Microsoft Office suite. Urban can support both the deployment and ongoing maintenance of the platform.

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Google Apps for Work

A suite of online-based communication and collaboration tools hosted by Google, including e-mail, video conferencing and online document sharing services. Business-grade security ensures that data is secure, with multi-factor, phone-based authentication available.

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Office 365 and Google Apps

The Mobile Worker

The rise in mobile working, with employees either working from home, or bringing their own tablets and laptops into work, has presented significant opportunties for business growth – through both lower overheads and improved staff morale.

Cloud applications
A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a way of allowing staff access to work-exclusive applications (for example Financial and HR Software) from home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud storage
Traditionally, data has been stored on a server that is located at a business’s Head Office. With staff having an increasing need to access this data from anywhere, there has been a significant increase in cloud storage solutions – whereby data is stored securely on a server hosted elsewhere. Data is then synced to an encrypted laptop, or is available via a secure website.

Bring Your Own Device

A developing trend over the past five years has been the acceptance of BYOD – ‘Bring Your Own Device’ – the ability for staff to use their own laptops, tablets and phones on a business network. Recent surveys have suggested that up to 62% of employees are already using their own devices in the workplace, and Urban can help develop a secure and practical BYOD solution.

Bring-your-own device, including iPads and Microsoft tabets