There’s no denying that the way businesses work has changed significantly this year. Many of our small and medium sized businesses across Yorkshire are embracing remote working – looking for ways to equip their employees to work remotely and connect with their customers virtually.

In the pandemic, the need for a reliable and strong remote working solution has become stronger than ever. It isn’t simply in response to the present issues, but also as a crucial aspect of a future-proofing effort.

If you are looking for user-friendly digital collaboration, say hello to Microsoft Teams. It is a premium platform for remote work in a modern workplace.

What is Microsoft Teams?
Almost every business trusts a minimum of one Microsoft product in their daily process. Some of the most popular ones include Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, and OneDrive. However, Microsoft Teams is not familiar to all businesses yet. It is a collaborative communications app that can especially be useful for small and medium-sized businesses or freelancers. Anyone who has worked with others on files can use Microsoft Teams for their convenience.

To name a few, the app features Online Video chat, Meetings, VOIP, Screen Sharing, File Sharing. It comes with configured integration with SharePoint and Office. All these features have been included within a user-friendly interface. This is a premium platform available for everyone. With this, you and your employees can work together on a document in real-time. We’ve got customers across Calderdale, Bradford, Leeds and Huddersfield set up within a couple of days – and installing it on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet is super easy.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams
Remote working is the new reality for many businesses. So, it is crucial to keep the dispersed team connected.

Meet Virtually: With Microsoft Teams, you can take advantage of video conferencing to communicate with the employees securely through high-definition video, whilst talking to or seeing the other participants in real-time. This adds to the interaction and engagement level of the conversation. This is because being able to see the facial expressions and body language promotes higher collaborations.

Chat Virtually: You can connect in real-time on private one-on-one chats or in channel conversation which can be seen by the whole team. What’s even better is you can recall past decisions and discussion when you need. This feature is valuable for people who are new to the team or for the team members who want to re-visit the context of a conversation.

Store and Share Files: Since your employees are working remotely, they will have files that they have to share and collaborate on. Microsoft Teams make it convenient for you to share the files and work on them without any hassle. If you have documents in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, your colleagues can view, edit, and collaborate on them using Microsoft Teams. All you have to do is make sure that the company’s important documents are saved in the cloud and are ready for sharing.

Final Verdict
With Microsoft Teams, you can construct a virtual workplace. It is a powerful communication and collaboration platform that is compatible with Microsoft programs. Businesses who are already leveraging the benefits of Skype for Business, MS Teams will replace it but will keep all the existing functionalities intact.
In short, MS Teams is a one-stop solution for teamwork by bringing simplicity to collaborate, communicate, share, and do everything under a single platform.
Like to discuss your requirements for MS Teams? Urban IT Support are Microsoft Partners, so get in contact today to find out how we can help.